How does our body type affect our lives

Nowadays, we hear a lot of people mentioning they are on a very strict diet, in which they eat less than half of what their body actually needs. Occupied by the idea of loosing weight quickly, they forget about the fact that they are starving themselves, without taking into consideration the effect it has on their physical and mental wellbeing. 


 It’s no news to you that starving diet can make your loose weight quickly. But were you aware of the fact that researches have proven that starving diet decreases the lean muscle mass by 5%, Weight loss via starvation causes individuals to lose significant amounts of lean muscle mass and Lean Body Mass, which encompasses water, bones, organs, etc. If the diet is maintained habitually, the body will loose 20% of its organ and muscle size. Reduced bone mass is dangerous because it lowers bone density and makes you more susceptible to damages and injuries. 


 Moreover, other studies showed that people who follows the strict starving diet are more likely to regain all the lost fat in a small duration after stopping the diet. Asking yourselves how is that possible? Chronic starvation leads to noticeable changes in the body’s metabolism. Lean Body Mass is inextricably tied to metabolism and resting metabolic rate. A person with a higher body mass will need more energy to function on a daily basis, resulting in a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR). BMR drops as weight falls. In other words, your body needs a particular number of calories to keep the lean mass safe, and if you fall below this threshold, your body will be compelled to break down muscular stores in order to generate energy.


To maintain a healthy body temperature, people require a certain number of calories. A person’s core body temperature may decline if they consume too little calories, resulting in a continual feeling of being cold. An unbalanced diet can also result from undereating. This could indicate that a person’s body isn’t getting enough of certain nutrients to keep their immune system strong and fight off infections. It can also imply that ordinary colds last longer than they should.


When a person’s brain is undernourished, they have trouble making decisions, solving issues, and controlling their emotions. Restricted eating, malnutrition, and rapid weight loss might alter our brain chemistry, resulting in heightened depression and anxiety symptoms.

Finally, love your body the way it is, there are several other ways to lose weight. And believe us, it is not worthy. That’s why we’re here for you. Book your nutrition session today!

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