5 ways social media can ruin your relationship


Social Media is a big part of our daily lives as everyone has the habit in posting what they are doing. And couples are not exception as they like to post their activities together or their lifestyle.

However, social media can affect negatively on the couple’s wellbeing.

The couple who publicize their relationship on social media tend to break up. Studies have shown that social media pressure couples in acting in certain way or paint the picture of a perfect relationship. This constant pressure can create frictions and arguments between the partners.


Social Media isn’t always a good influence, it can ruin some aspects in your life including your relationships. Here are five ways social media can ruin your relationship:


1.      Jealousy

Social media is a potential tool to meet new people. And some partners can get jealous on who is liking the posts of their partners or is talking to them


2.      Picture Perfect

Couples feel pressure from what they see on social media and how couples are represented in a perfect way. This creates argument between partners


3.      Self-esteem

Social Media can play with one’s self-esteem as it is fill with toxic body images, abusive comments. The partner could feel unworthy in being in a relationship due to his self-esteem.


4.       Tension

Some partners can be obsessive about social media. They tend to ignore their partners for social media, this creates tension between the couple. Their partner will feel like that they are prioritizing social media over their relationship


5.      Co-dependency

Some couple will be co-dependent on social media as they consider it to be the accomplishment of their relationship. Their life is through social media and if they stopped, they fear in entering in a routine which eventually end their relationship.  

Social media creates images of toxic relationships and encourages them. It is always to stay disconnected from the internet to stay connected which other. Social Media shouldn’t dictate your relationship, loving a person shouldn’t be dictated by anyone.

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