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We are currently operating on WhatsApp and Zoom until our App is ready for you.

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Theodor HraikiClient
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Counsela helped to improve and maintain a good mental health. Their service is friendly and supportive, all what you would expect from a counseling and mental health startup.

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200,000 LBP in Lebanon for Counseling


$ 20
  • Customizer: texting
  • Chat history: deleted
  • Listener: Trained Psychologist
  • Live support: 8am-10pm


$ 45
  • Customizer: Text, voice call, video call
  • Listener: Everyday 8am-10pm
  • Emergency call: Available
  • Choice of counselor: Available


$ 80
  • Customizer: Text, voice call, video call
  • Listener: Everyday 8am-10pm
  • Emergency call: Available
  • Choice of counselor: Available

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Rita Dahdal

Rita Dahdal

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Gabrielle Ayoub

Gabrielle Ayoub

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Suzanna Assaf

Suzanna is a clinical psychologist and counselor gratuated from the Lebanese University, Lebanon. She has completed a Bachelors in Psychology with excellence, and Masters in Clinical Psychology with many trainings. Beside her education, she attended many conferences and has worked with beirut blast victims of different age groups especially traumatized children. With her empathic attitude, she is dedicated to ameliorate the well-being of individuals helping them understand and manage the situations they face. Her intervention approach is humanist; including systemic, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness practices. She believes that the well-being of a person depends on many individual, family and social dimensions therefore, she makes sure to adapt a flexible approach which encompasses all these dimensions and which depends on the specific needs of the individual. Suzanna is also a music instructor, she is working on improving herself in both, musical and psychological fields in order to mix them, aiming for better stress relief. Beirut, Lebanon. Speaks English, French and Arabic

Rita Dahdal



My name is Rita Dahdal. I have completed a Bachelors in Psychology with Honorary Distinction, a minor in Psychosocial Studies and a Masters in Clinical Psychology at the university of Balamand in Lebanon. As part of my education and training, I have been exposed to diverse mental health issues in various contexts including addiction rehabilitation center, psychiatric hospital, non-governmental organization, and school. In addition, I have worked with diverse populations of different age groups including but not limited to physically ill patients, refugees, students, and mentally disable individuals who are troubled with complaints and conditions related to depression, anxiety, phobias, dependence, among others.
With my solid foundation, I am committed to improving the wellbeing of individuals and help them identify and understand the problem/s they are facing. My approach to treatment and intervention is holistic in nature; including systemic, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and mindfulness practices. I believe that an individual’s plan needs to be specifically tailored to their needs and thus, I ensure to adapt my approach to accommodate to the needs of the individual seeking professional help. I am also an advocate for sharing psychological knowledge with the community to help us all become more empathic to one another and empowered to live more fulfilling lives.

Gabrielle Ayoub




Gabrielle Ayoub is a clinical psychologist and counselor. She
graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.

Gabrielle specializes in trauma; she has completed training in
Psychological First Aid to provide immediate trauma response to
victims of tragic events. She is also able to intervene in a
therapeutic setting thanks to her training in Narrative Exposure
Therapy, a short term intervention to relieve people from complex psychological trauma.

She now works as a counselor for Counsela, where she offers her clients active listening as well as coping strategies and evidence based advice.

Gabrielle continuously works towards helping clients accept and appreciate themselves, as well as encouraging them to understand and express their thoughts and emotions, using various relaxation techniques as well as coping strategies and exercises.


Beirut, Lebanon
Speaks English and Arabic